Bill Maher performs in North Carolina.Bill Donohue comments on Bill Maher’s latest attack:

After being pounded with mail from angry Catholics, including many bishops, Bill Maher laid off portraying priests as molesters for several months. But last Friday, he went back to the sewer again. Here is what he said:

“This week Pope Francis said he would baptize aliens if they came to Earth. I love you, Frank, but that is some Mitt Romney-level crazy pope. I’m pretty sure any beings advanced enough to travel hundreds of light years aren’t that interested in getting sprinkled with magic water. Besides, given the past history of fondling and groping, the last thing the Church needs is a 50-foot-priest with six arms.”

Given all the sordid revelations coming out of Hollywood these days, why isn’t Maher turning to the entertainment industry for script material? That, of course, is his backyard, and he won’t do anything to offend his buddies. More important, his real interest is not lampooning sex offenders—it’s berating priests.

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