The opening skit on the Saturday, September 28, episode of “MADtv” depicted priests as child molesters.  They were shown acting in a lewd manner towards boys in a cabin.  One of the lines in a song sung by the priests was, “We’ll just get switched to another parish.”

The priests stripped off their clothes wearing only bikini underwear and their collar.  They danced provocatively at this point and then played the game Twister.  The audience laughed heartily, though there was an audible gasp when the priests danced with each other in an obscene way.

Catholic League president William Donohue addressed this issue today:

“There is an article in today’s Washington Times that describes how gays are having sex in public in a Virginia park.  They not only have taken over the park, they have accosted and assaulted police.  But there will be no skit on ‘MADtv’ about this.  Nor will there be a skit that explicitly disparages gay priests.  Bashing all priests, however, is fair game.

“This is the way a sizable segment of our cultural elites think.  And they pride themselves on being tolerant, compassionate and inclusive.  Except when it comes to priests.  Now if only they thought of priests the way they do imams, the bigotry would end.

“David Salzman is the executive producer of ‘MADtv’ and thus bears responsibility for this priest-bashing skit.  We will register our complaint with him and will ask our members to do likewise.”

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