Bill Donohue comments on Madonna’s latest mockery of the Catholic religion:

Madonna ages, but she never changes. In Montreal last night to kick off her latest tour, she launched into the obscene lyrics from her song “Holy Water,” ripped off her skirt to reveal a skimpy nun’s habit, and started to pole dance. She then used one of her dancers—also dressed as a nun—to ride like a surfboard. Then the dancers lined the stage to act out the Last Supper, with Madonna as the central focus.

Examples of Madonna’s anti-Catholic performances over the years abound, as a perusal of our annual reports amply documents. Now, at age 57, these seem to have become her last refuge as she struggles to avoid becoming an entertainment has-been. For her and her fans, apparently, Catholic-bashing is the one thing that never gets old.

Contact Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary:

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