Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s economic health:

Here’s the latest news on Macy’s: It is in trouble—it has to close another 100 stores to stop the bleeding.

Macy’s employees are good Americans, but its top executives merit the gold standard of intolerance in the retail industry (click here to read how the Macy’s thought police operates).

Surely it is not good news that those who work there will suffer the brunt of the bad news, but no fair-minded person will be disappointed if the Macy’s ruling class takes a hit. Any private sector company that punishes employees for their thoughts should not be patronized.

The second quarter figures show that Macy’s reported a drop in sales for the sixth straight month. Total sales fell 4 percent, and net income to its shareholders fell 3 cents per share.

The closing of 100 stores will cost Macy’s $1 billion in net sales. This represents 15 percent of all its department stores.

We encourage all Americans, not just Catholics, to shop at Macy’s competitors. We know of no department-store chain that disrespects conscience rights, other than Macy’s.

Justice demands that Macy’s revoke its decision to fire a Catholic employee who believes that men should use the men’s room. Failing that, it should be forced to pay a price for its discriminatory behavior.

Contact Holly Thomas, group VP:

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