Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s funding of pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage groups:

No one should be surprised that Macy’s would be involved in promoting left wing social causes. After all, they fired a Catholic employee for simply disagreeing with their policy of allowing “transgender” men to use the women’s bathrooms (click here).

And sure enough, they have been listed as a Bronze level partner of the Human Rights Campaign, a leading crusader for same sex marriage. They’ve also supported the Tides Foundation, which promotes efforts “to shift the landscape” on gay marriage.

The Macy’s Foundation has also made direct contributions to a number of pro-abortion groups—including Planned Parenthood, which is not only the nation’s leading abortion provider, but also traffics in the sale of body parts of aborted babies.

Something to remember as the holiday season approaches, when Macy’s clamors to capitalize on the spirit of family and faith in its appeals to consumers.

Contact Macy’s Group Vice President, Holly Thomas:


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