It will come as no surprise to our members that we are relentless in our efforts to render justice. Macy’s executives, we guarantee, are fast learning who we are.

We made Macy’s the lead story in the September Catalyst. Below see the note that Bill Donohue sent to Macy’s officials about it. It is followed by a summary of our news releases documenting previous instances of intolerance shown by Macy’s against others.

Dear Macy’s Executive:

As you can see, Macy’s intolerance merited the lead story in our monthly journal, Catalyst. Firing a man for his thoughts—not his deeds—is un-American and cannot be tolerated. Obviously, this matter is of particular interest to us because of the man’s professed Catholic beliefs.

Over the summer, I took advantage of many media interviews to discuss this issue (they were occasioned by our non-stop news releases on this subject). Indeed, just yesterday I addressed this issue with New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan on his weekly TV and radio show.

There is more to come. Much more. The ball is in your court.


William A. Donohue, Ph.D.

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