Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s financial health and why it is of interest to the Catholic League:

Macy’s is in trouble not only for unleashing its Thought Police against innocent workers, it is hurting financially.

Despite being pounded by Catholics, the mega-department store continues to stand by its decision to fire an Hispanic Catholic store detective for simply disagreeing with its policy of allowing cross-dressing men to use the women’s bathroom; the employee agreed to enforce the policy, but that wasn’t good enough—his mere beliefs were enough to have him canned.

The third quarter numbers are in, and they are not encouraging: Macy’s sales and profits both slid.

Its sales were off 4.2 percent, marking the seventh straight quarterly decline. Its profit of $17 million sounds impressive until we learn that it was $118 million a year ago; shares dropped from 36 cents to a nickel.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is two weeks from today. If it were honest, it would feature a float of cross-dressing men hanging out in a women’s fitting room, thus inviting children to ask what’s going on.

Just as bizarre, Macy’s is making its workers show up on Thanksgiving. It did so last year—for the first time—but this year it is opening two hours earlier. This is yet another sign that it is both ethically and financially challenged. Catholic staffers would be making a great statement if they just happened to call in sick.

Contact Macy’s Group Vice President:

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