Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s glass ceiling:

As we previously noted (click here), Macy’s is now in the business of conscience control, firing employees who entertain thoughts contrary to its policies. We have since learned that it is also in the business of false advertising: the public face of Macy’s promotes diversity in the workplace; the private one does not.

On its website, Macy’s boasts that women represent 75 percent of its workforce and 65 percent of its management-level executives. It says that ethnic minorities make up 59 percent of its associate team and 35 percent of its management team. What Macy’s does not tell you is that it reserves the big positions for white men.

The Macy’s Board of Directors is mostly male and mostly white: 43 percent are women and 21 percent are minorities. The Executive Management Team is not only mostly male, it is totally white: 27 percent are women and 0 percent are minorities.

These are not the statistics that the department store likes to flag. The dirty little secret is that Macy’s has erected a glass ceiling, keeping women and minorities in their place.

It is one thing for a mega-corporation to lie, quite another to employ Gestapo-like tactics in the workplace. Punishing people for their convictions, not their behavior, is totalitarian.

It is important that we register our outrage. Instead of providing the email address of the same media person at Macy’s each time we issue a statement, we are mixing it up. Today, we have selected Julie Strider Fukami.


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