A bill has been introduced by Louisiana state Representative Tony Perkins that would give “right of conscience” protection to pro-life pharmacists. The bill is designed to protect pharmacists who are opposed to filling certain prescriptions from disciplinary measures.

For Catholic pharmacists, this would mean that they would not be forced to dispense contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs, as well as drugs intended to administer euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide or capital punishment.

Catholic League president William Donohue praised the bill today:

“We have written to all members of the Health and Welfare Committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives asking them to support House Bill 1064. This legislation would provide a conscience clause for pharmacists, protecting them against the prospect of being forced to dispense drugs for purposes that would violate their religious beliefs. As such, this is a straight First Amendment religious liberty issue.

“It is the position of the Catholic League that such legislation is needed throughout the nation. Those who are truly pro-choice should have no problem joining with us.”

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