Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on reviews of “The Little Hours,” a movie he previously panned:

  • “Unrepentant sacrilegious slapstick” (The Verge)
  • “Juvenile and bawdy and stupid and crude” (Flavorwire)
  • “Awash in sacrilegious revelry. Rarely has devotion been this dirty” (Film Journal)
  • “Not nearly as funny, biting, or smart as the films it’s so clearly trying to emulate” (IGN)
  • “Generally, the humor lacks bite” (Reason)
  • “At times, the atmosphere is so clubby that the actors seem to be performing for one another” (New York Times)
  • “You spend roughly half of The Little Hours waiting for the film to get going and the other half wishing it would hurry up and end” (Edinburgh International Film Festival)
  • “Ultimately, you’re just left wondering what it is and what the point of it all might be” (Los Angeles Times)

That settles it. If even those who find Catholic bashing inoffensive don’t like this movie, then there is nothing to cheer about. What a bomb.

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