A poster for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie, “Machete,” shows Lindsay Lohan dressed in a nun’s habit licking the barrel of a gun. Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:

What is it about these Catholic-raised girls that makes them so adolescent, so silly and rebellious at the same time? Madonna takes liberties with the crucifixion; Lady Gaga struts her trampy stuff playing a nun; and now poor Lindsay Lohan dons a habit while finding phallic pleasure with a gun. No matter, it looks like Lindsay’s Catholic moment isn’t good enough to lure the audience—she didn’t make the trailer.

Twentieth Century Fox certainly has her number: Lindsay doesn’t have what it takes to tease the movie, but she is eminently worthy of exploitation. Perhaps the poster girl will be able to give this some thought while serving time in jail for 90 days, starting next week. If she makes the necessary reforms, she may yet claim her true Catholic moment. That would be our gain, and Twentieth Century Fox’s loss.


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