William A. Donohue

When I debated Christopher Hitchens, I told the famed atheist that if he wants to take on Mother Teresa, then he had better have the evidence. My axiom is simple: the more prominent the person is who is being dissected, the stronger the evidence must be. He failed. In his 99-page book trashing the saintly nun, he had not one footnote or endnote to back up his position.

Similarly, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford made serious charges against a prominent public person, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a man who was being considered for a seat on the highest court in the land. The burden was on her, not Kavanaugh, to prove that he was an attempted rapist who may have “inadvertently” killed her.

Ford named four persons whom she said would verify her account. Every one of them failed to do so; they said they were never at a party when Kavanaugh allegedly attacked her. Her girlfriend, Leland Keyser, not only said she was not at the party, she said she never met Kavanaugh. But she did tell the FBI that she was pressured by Ford’s allies to alter her story.

Ford did not recall where the party was. Nor did she remember how she got there or who took her home. No one who was supposedly at the party ever recalled her leaving (in a terrified condition), nor did anyone call her about it the next day. Prior to the hearing, Ford made many phone calls to her friends asking if they recalled being at the party. No one did.

Ford said she was 15-years-old when Kavanaugh attacked her. But that is not what she told her therapist: in 2012 she said it happened when she was in her late teens. Fifteen and late teens are not close (Ford refused to turn over her therapist’s notes). Also, when Ford was asked by Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor who questioned her, whether she had ever coached someone how to take a lie detector test, she said no. But Ford’s boyfriend, who lived with her in the 1990s, testified under oath that he witnessed Ford coach one of her girlfriends how to pass a polygraph.

There were other tales as well. Ford said she had a fear of flying, which is why she was reluctant to come to Washington to testify. Yet it was shown that she was a world traveler. She said she also had a fear of having her home broken into, which is why she installed a second front door in 2012. Yet it was shown that she opted for a second door in 2008 to accommodate a renter.

Was she purposely lying? Or is she delusional? Hard to tell. No matter, the really ugly story here is not Ford—it is those who believe that Kavanaugh is guilty, even though there is zero evidence to support any of the charges.

When the FBI issued the report that exonerated Kavanaugh, the New York Times did not make this a headline story. Instead, six paragraphs into the lead story on October 5, it reported that “Republicans said the FBI had turned up no evidence to corroborate accusations of sexual assault and misconduct.” “Republicans said”? It was the FBI that said that.

Sen. Cory Booker, an admitted sexual offender (he bragged in college about groping a drunken 15-year-old girl when he was in high school), praised Ford for having “the courage to come forward and tell her truth.” Her truth? This is postmodern gibberish. There is only one truth.

But truth doesn’t matter to ideologues. Kimberly Fletcher, the head of Moms March Movement, confronted female anti-Kavanaugh protesters and asked them what if Kavanaugh is telling the truth. “It doesn’t matter,” they said, explaining that it serves their cause to take him down. This is what Marxists teach: the truth is that which serves the cause.

The media also helped to generate lies when they gave high profile to professional protesters. The leaders of the anti-Kavanaugh protest were paid by George Soros, the far left-wing billionaire. For example, the woman who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator, Ana Maria Archila, receives approximately $180,000 in compensation from Soros to lead the Center for Popular Democracy. She, and others, taught protesters how to harass public officials and stage media events.

Sen. Booker encouraged the crazies to “get in the face” of those who support Kavanaugh. They did more than that. They published the home addresses and phone numbers of Republican members of Congress and their families—stolen by a staff person who works for one of the Democrats. They followed through by making threatening phone calls. Sen. Rand Paul’s wife was terrified. “I now keep a loaded gun by my bed,” she wrote. Her remark was made in an open letter to Booker.

It is not enough to disagree anymore—left-wing activists are bent on destroying their adversaries and their families. There are plenty of nuts on the right as well, but the difference is that the elites in education and the media stand squarely with the attack dogs on the left.

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