A new American Family Survey found that when it comes to sex education in the schools, and related issues, liberal Democrats are the outliers—they are so far removed from the thinking of the average American that it is startling.

When asked if the schools are spending too little time discussing sexual orientation and gender identity, only liberal Democrats agree. That view is in the minority: most moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans and conservative Republicans do not believe the schools are spending too little time on these subjects.

Should transgender athletes (typically biological men who have “transitioned” to a woman) be allowed to compete against female athletes? Most Republican conservatives (90 percent) disagree. Among most moderate Republicans, 71 percent disagreed while moderate Democrats and Independents are both split 50-50 on this issue. The figure jumps to 77 percent for liberal Democrats who are okay with males competing with females.

Should biological boys be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom? A majority (59 percent) of liberal Democrats are in agreement, saying bathroom choice should be up to the student; however, most moderate Democrats, Independents, moderate Republicans and conservative Republicans disagree.

The moral compass used by liberal Democrats is foreign to that of most Americans. They are the true outliers. Unfortunately, they have outsized influence in running our institutions.

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