Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on the reaction to David Letterman’s revelation about having sex with his employees:

David Letterman began the week laughing about the authorities going after child rapist Roman Polanski, and he ended the week laughing about his own sexual exploits. His fans, of course, wouldn’t care if he sodomized the girls. Ali Hamoudeh of New York spoke for many when he said, “We love Letterman no matter what he does. He brings us joy.” And that’s all that counts—he brings joy. Besides, who cares? CBS quotes a Hollywood publicist today who says “the star wouldn’t be hurt by the revelations and might even be helped by them.”

It certainly didn’t hurt Letterman’s career when he laughed at the Catholic Church for what happened in 2002. That summer a man and a woman had sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral around 4:00 p.m. on a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics. They did so in plain view of men, women and children and had their performance described on the radio as part of some sick contest. Most people were aghast, the radio hosts who rigged the caper were fired, and apologies were issued by the radio station. Letterman, however, found it so hysterical that he used the story to tell jokes about it for three nights. Wonder how many nights he will use his own sexploits as source material?

There was a time, not long ago, when feminists would demonstrate in the street demanding Letterman be fired for sexual harassment. As defined by feminists, sexual harassment typically kicks in whenever a boss, usually a man, uses his position of power to initiate sex with his subordinates. But Letterman need not worry: feminists have shown so much interest in matching men at the game of sexual promiscuity that the issue of sexual harassment no longer interests them. Here’s the proof. The National Organization for Women lists six issues as “Key Issues” and twenty more as “Other Important Issues.” Sexual harassment is not one of the six hot issues, though “Lesbian Rights” is; sexual harassment is not even one of the twenty “Other” issues, though “Fighting the Right” is. In other words, as long as Letterman doesn’t tell lesbian jokes, he can take advantage of all the girls he wants.

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