LETTERMANBill Donohue comments on last night’s “Late Show with David Letterman”:

On his January 5 show, Letterman took a shot at the pope’s new appointment of cardinals. The “Late Show” host pretended to have a video of the pope notifying a new cardinal. A clip was shown of Michael Sam, the failed homosexual football player, crying when he was selected in the draft to play in the NFL. Sam is then shown kissing his boyfriend. When the screen goes blank and “Please Stand By” is posted, an image of the pope and some crosses appear.

This is hardly the most offensive joke Letterman has told, but it does raise serious questions about who he is. His baggage is well known: his mental condition warrants weekly sessions with a psychiatrist, and his predatory behavior toward women is not a secret. But what explains his fascination with Catholicism and homosexuality?

We have been tracking Letterman since 2008. Since that time we have recorded 28 monologues where he ridicules Catholicism, 16 of which involve homosexuality. This isn’t normal.

It’s time Letterman, or someone from CBS, came clean and told us more about his pathologies. We need to know more about what makes this troubled man tick.

Contact Diane Ekeblad, CBS VP for Communications: diane.ekeblad@cbs.com

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