LettermanBill Donohue comments on David Letterman’s opening monologue of July 23:

Last night, Letterman mentioned Pope Francis’ appearance at World Youth Day in Brazil by saying, “And I’m telling you if there’s anything the kids can’t get enough of, it’s a 76-year-old virgin. Come on! World Youth Day. Or as the Vatican calls it, salute to altar boys.”

There are some people who can’t be shamed. One might think that a man who is known for sexually harassing his staff, and for serial adultery, might be cautious about making such a statement.

Letterman, who admitted in January that he sees a psychiatrist once a week, may want to discuss his latest outburst with his shrink. This guy has some very deep issues that must be addressed—sooner rather than later.

One more thing: His cheap shots did not go over well with his audience. Hopefully, Letterman and his Catholic-bashing writers will get the message.

Contact his publicity director, Kim Izzo-Emmet: krizzo-emmet@cbs.com

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