April 21, 2011

Dear Father:

Just today, we were contacted by a priest in the Philadelphia archdiocese about a survey by Voice of the Faithful that was recently sent to all 900-plus priests in the archdiocese. The survey is intellectually dishonest and reflects the sentiments of dissident Catholics, not the rank-and-file.

It is morally outrageous for any lay Catholic organization to presumptively judge all priests who disagree with its highly politicized agenda as lacking in integrity. Moreover, the push to rescind the statute of limitations on the sexual abuse of minors typically comes from those out to sunder the Catholic Church. Here’s the proof.

First, unless explicitly stated otherwise, these proposed revisions in law never apply to public institutions: the public schools are automatically exempt under the banner of sovereign immunity. Second, gold-digging lawyers find it more profitable to sue the Catholic Church, even when alternatives are available. Third, as the next paragraph demonstrates, the cherry-picking of the Catholic Church is a matter of record.

On March 31, I sent a letter in the overnight mail to Lynne Abraham. I asked her to detail which “religious organizations and denominations”—besides the Catholic Church—she pursued as mandated by the grand jury investigation that took place when she was the Philadelphia District Attorney in 2001. She never responded. In other words, I called her bluff—she was only interested in “getting the priests.” That’s the same game being played again by Voice of the Faithful.

Voice of the Faithful has loaded the deck against you. If you don’t respond to their “survey,” you will be added to the tally of priests who are obviously heartless and could care less about innocent victims. It’s as contrived as it is malicious.

Right after Easter, I am going public with this issue, but first we are putting this letter in the mail to you. Don’t be intimidated—most Catholics can see through this veil of deceit and manipulation.


William A. Donohue, Ph.D.


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