A San Francisco-based legal support software company, Legal Summation, has agreed to accede to the Catholic League’s request to change its logo from one that resembled the Sacred Heart of Jesus to one that bears no clear relationship.

The logo in question was a heart with the word “Summation” draped across it; flames emanated from the red and blue design. The league called to the company’s attention the likeness of its logo to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and asked that it make modifications that would remove all similarities. The league also mentioned that it had fought successfully with the House of Blues to have the nightclub chain change its “Sacred Heart” logo.

Paul Thompson of Legal Summation called William Donohue to discuss the matter and was most considerate of the league’s position. Indeed, Thompson made a decision on the spot to alter the logo.

On May 19, a letter from Legal Summation was sent to Donohue confirming Thompson’s decision, saying that the company “has agreed to revise our tattoo motif to remove the flames that caused the artwork to be likened to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and hence cause offense.” A copy of the new logo was sent to the league for confirmation and it was found acceptable.

We commend Mr. Thompson for his forthright understanding of the league’s position and his willingness to alter his company’s logo.

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