Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is receiving oblique cover from left-wing Protestant leaders for his 9/11 clergy gag rule. While the leaders nominally disagree with the mayor, they save their real salvos for those who have been critical of Bloomberg’s censorial act.

Tim King, the communications director for the left-wing group, Sojourners, characterizes Bloomberg’s decision as “understandable but regrettable.” His choice of words reflects his real interest in pinning the blame for the controversy not on Bloomberg, but on his critics. “And to those religious leaders who are stirring up a media controversy about this decision…you are showing exactly why Mayor Bloomberg didn’t want you there in the first place.”

In other words, the Mayor of the City of New York insults hundreds of millions of Americans of all faiths by banning the clergy and First Responders from the 9/11 memorial ceremonies, and those who object are responsible for “stirring up a media controversy.” But when Sojourners holds their press conference tomorrow on this issue, somehow we are to believe that they will not be adding to the controversy. Guess the peace-makers are traveling to New York with their healing kit.

It’s time to stop the lying. Those who blame the critics of religious intolerance for “stirring up a media controversy” have taken the side of those who promote it. Sojourners has laid anchor with Bloomberg.

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