Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, has asked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to participate in a joint voter registration drive. In response, the Catholic League has joined with Rep. Peter T. King of New York in urging the Democratic Party not to endorse Farrakhan’s effort. King stated that Farrakhan is “attempting to infect the American political process with his hateful form of racism,” adding that “it is highly likely that his drive to involve the Nation of Islam in electoral politics will be funded through the financial backing of Middle Eastern terrorist states.”

William Donohue wrote to Congressman King explaining that “I am always wary of attempts to confer legitimacy on unrepentant bigots, and that is why I object to this relationship: it is morally wrong for the DNC to cooperate with the Nation of Islam in any endeavor, much less one that gives a standing of citizenship to Louis Farrakhan’s efforts.”

The league has previously criticized Farrakhan for his bigoted remarks, some of which are vintage anti-Catholic, and his courting of Libyan terrorist Muammar Khadafy.

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