The Catholic League has been named by the Interfaith Alliance to its “enemies list.” The list advises Interfaith members of groups they shouldn’t join. For those not familiar with the Interfaith Alliance, it is a new hodgepodge of mainline Protestants, Jews and Catholics, all of whom are committed to the politics of the left.

What is particularly galling about the Interfaith Alliance is that it professes to reject “any appeal to prejudice or discrimination.” Really? And what, pray tell, does it think the Catholic League does for a living? But then again the Interfaith Alliance also preaches the virtue of non-partisanship, yet that didn’t stop it from accepting $25,000 in start-up funds from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

We’ve all heard of organizations that stray from their mission statements, but the Interfaith Alliance takes the cake. In any event, we’re proud to be named to their select list.

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