On June 10, Connecticut’s Hartford Courant ran a front page story on the Legionaries of Christ called, “Novices Accuse Catholic Order of Intimidation, Pressure.” Unfortunately, it revealed more about the newspaper than the Legionaries, and what it revealed was unsavory.

The article characterized the order as a “militaristically styled,” “boot camp-like,” “secretive organization” engaged in “brainwashing.” Dr. Donohue sent a letter of protest which was published by the paper. Here is the heart of what he said.

“Over the past several years, I have gotten to know some Legionaries and the ones I’ve met hardly resemble the negative stereotype you offer. They are not robots goose-stepping their way off to Mass, rather they are determined and quite loyal priests working in service to the Catholic Church. And they don’t need to lasso anyone to keep their ranks from dwindling: their burgeoning rolls are testimony to the extent that they continue to voluntarily attract new recruits.

“When a secular newspaper casts an order of priests in such a fashion–never mind making it a cover story–it suggests an agenda that transcends mere journalistic voyeurism, rather it suggests a desire to malign.”

This letter was published on June 29 in the Hartford Courant.

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