On October 25, Catholic League president William A. Donohue met in Washington with Senator Dan Coats of Indiana to discuss the senators “Families First” bill.

The Family, Investment, Retirement, Savings and Tax Fairness Act of 1993 Рto use its full name Рrepresents a major reform of the Federal budget and the tax code. It would provide tax relief to families with children, put a two percent cap on the growth of federal spending, provide incentives for businesses to create jobs, and repeal the retirement earnings test on older Americans. A new commission modeled after the military base closure commission would oversee the two percent spending cap requirement.

Co-sponsors of the measure are Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison, Trent Lott, Larry Craig, Connie Mack, and Don Nickles.

In thanking Dr. Donohue for his input, Senator Coats characterized the proposed legislation as “pro-family … pro-growth … and pro-deficit reduction.”

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