When a person makes a mean-spirited bigoted comment, he is not exculpated if he is a member of the group he disparages. What matters is not the biography of the bigot: what matters is the bigoted comment.

Lawrence O’Donnell proved once again that he, as an Irish Catholic, is not immune from charges of anti-Catholicism. Here is what this embittered man said on October 19:

“In John Kelly’s neighborhood, in the Catholic parish that he grew up in, in the Catholic parish that I grew up in, women were getting beaten by their husbands, their drunken husbands as a normal weekly occurrence.”

Perhaps O’Donnell’s drunken father beat his mother. We don’t know. If so, it would explain why he projected his own abusive experience onto others. But even if that were true, it is no excuse. If his father was not a violent drunk, and did not savage his mother, then O’Donnell’s remark is even more indefensible.

O’Donnell owes all Catholics, especially Irish Catholics, an apology.

This is not the first time O’Donnell has offended Catholics. Indeed, he is a recidivist.

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