Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, wrote to the KABC (Los Angeles) program director today about a bigoted comment made on September 10 by radio talk-show host Kim Serafin

The following is the text of Donohue’s letter to Burch:

On Saturday, September 10, at the conclusion of her show, Kim Serafin discussed the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  She told listeners “a sort of funny story” regarding Catholic Charities.  Serafin said that when she was told by someone that he was going to make a donation to Catholic Charities, she answered: “Why?  The Catholic Church is totally corrupt and molests young boys, you know.”

This is not humor—it is slander.  As such, it is deserving of the same kinds of punitive sanctions that have been visited upon other purveyors of hate speech.

Please be advised that unless justice is swiftly forthcoming, I will take this matter to another level.

Contact information for KABC:

790 KABC TalkRadio

P.O. Box 790

Los Angeles, CA 90016


fax: 310-838-5222

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