On February 28, Frances Kissling stepped down as president of Catholics for a Free Choice. For a quarter century, she misrepresented herself to the public, pretending to be the head of a bona-fide Catholic organization. It would be more accurate to say that she ran an anti-Catholic front group.

Twice condemned as a fraud by the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference, Kissling would have had to have found another job long ago had it not been for her friends in the establishment. Kissling counts among her donors such organizations as the Warren Buffet Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation. Additionally, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Foundation and the Packard Foundation provide financial support. Without them, she would have folded long ago as her organization has no members.

Bill Donohue offered her this parting shot: “I hope she takes her tapestries of Tibetan Buddhist deities with her when she exits her office, as well as any New Age paraphernalia she may have acquired over the years. It would also be a good idea to take her poster of Che Guevara with her. How fitting that a woman who spent most of her adult life promoting the killing of innocents in the womb would idolize a terrorist who killed innocent Latinos who made it to birth. In any event, I can’t wait to meet her successor, Jon O’Brien, on TV. I promise him a memorable encounter.”

Kissling recently said the Catholic Church “abuses…anyone who thinks.” It’s reassuring to know she can’t claim victim status.

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