Frances Kissling, the president of Catholics for a Free Choice, was interviewed on October 12 by the panel of the PBS show, “To the Contrary.”  Kissling is currently the source of a protest lodged by the Catholic League against the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The DNC lists Kissling’s organization on the links section of its website.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented on Kissling’s remarks today:

“Frances Kissling is so openly anti-Catholic it is a wonder that DNC chief Terry McAuliffe continues to stand by his woman.  On the show ‘To the Contrary,’ Kissling stated it is her goal ‘to neutralize the political power of the Church.’  That is not the goal of someone who is merely critical of some of the Church’s teachings: it is the goal of the Church’s enemies. Similarly, when Kissling said she is working ‘to defrock the Church of its massive political power,’ she further bared her anti-Catholic stripes.  Loyal sons and daughters of Catholicism do not speak this way.

“Bonnie Erbe, hostess of the show, commented accurately on Kissling when she said of the anti-Catholic that she’s ‘the woman who’s leading the charge against the Church.’  Thanks Bonnie—you unwittingly summed up Kissling’s resume for us.

“It would be instructive to know how many Democrats running for office this year would go on record supporting McAuliffe’s obstinacy on this issue.  Perhaps some Republican challengers may want to press them.  Sooner or later, McAuliffe will have to drop Kissling.  For any party to be associated with someone who seeks to ‘defrock the Catholic Church’ is not a smart move.”

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