The Catholic League has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to undertake an investigation of the growing link between the Libyan government of Muammar Khadafy and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Specifically, the league wants to know whether the Nation of Islam has violated U.S. law by accepting financial support from Libya, a nation certified as terrorist by U.S. authorities. Laws pertaining to the registration of a foreign agent are implicated, and many others may be as well.

It has been reported that a $1 billion pledge has been made between Khadafy and Farrakhan, enabling them to “work together to influence U.S. elections and foreign policy.” News reports also say that Khadafi wants the “creation of a separate black state in the United States with its own army.” In 1985, Khadafy reportedly loaned $5 million to Farrakhan seeking to help black Americans in an “armed struggle.”

It is because of the notorious anti-Catholicism of the Nation of Islam, as well as its more well-known anti-Semitism, that the Catholic League was proud to join with the Jewish Action Alliance in protesting this outrageous development. The Nation of Islam publication, The Call, has repeatedly spoken of the Pope as “the Anti-Christ” and spokesmen for the organization have called the Pope “a cracker.” Obscene statements have also been made about the Pope.

Catholic League president William Donohue spoke to this issue at a demonstration at the Libyan Consulate on February 1. He was joined by Chuck Mansfield of the Long Island Chapter. Here is a sample of Dr. Donohue’s remarks:

“The Nation of Islam, under the aegis of Louis Farrakhan, has an ugly record of bigotry targeted at Jews, Catholics and many others. That this unmitigated hatred might be subsidized by one of the most reckless regimes in the world is unconscionable. Khadafy is a menace to world peace and Farrakhan is a menace to domestic peace, making an alliance between them doubly threatening.

“Those officials in Washington who boast of standing tall against bigotry, hate speech and terrorism must now be held accountable for their deeds. Catholics and Jews will be watching who does what and when. And when the watching is over, they will register their sentiments in a way every politician understands.”

Dr. Donohue made two speeches at the rally. He focused on the need for reasoned dialogue between contending parties and warned that a Khadafy-Farrakhan link did not bode well for peace and tranquility. He also took note of the fact that Catholics are generally unaware–thanks to the media–of the extent to which the Nation of Islam harbors a prejudice against Catholics.

The Catholic League expects that Attorney General Janet Reno will respond affirmatively to its request for an investigation. Congressman Peter King of New York has already pressed this issue and others are expected to follow suit. The Catholic League has pledged to hold all public officials who are in any way connected to this matter responsible for the outcome.

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