The new ABC-TV show, Townies, is a program that Catholic League members may want to monitor; we certainly will. Though the first few episodes leave nothing to object to, there is reason for concern. It airs on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p.m. EST.

In its preview of new shows this season, TV Guide had this to say about the program: “Townies is produced by the company that brought us Rosanne, which accounts for its grit: Bathroom jokes compete with quips on Catholicism.”

After discussing this with both TV Guide and ABC, we then spoke with the publicist for the show, Ms. Diane Shaw at Carsey-Werner. Though she assured us that nothing offensive to Catholics would be aired, she also disclosed that a “Father Boyle” would be introduced to the show in upcoming episodes. “Father Boyle” apparently is a priest who is on good terms with the parents of the star of the show, actress Molly Ringwald. The parents, we were told are “orthodox Catholics” who have some disagreements with their daughter, a “lapsed Catholic.”

While we don’t want to prejudge the show, from what we have learned, the events that will unfold bear concern. We were assured by Ms. Shaw that if we have any objections, she will bring them to the attention of the writers. We hope that Townies doesn’t give us a reason to make another phone call.

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