As of 3:30 p.m. [ET] the following stories were listed on the homepage of the Kansas City Star as the most read and commented:

  • Why Tim Tebow keeps smiling
  • The altar boys’ secret: No longer alone
  • Yost says he expects Royals to ‘play much better than .500’ next season
  • KU will pay market value for next coach, but with incentives, less expensive buyout
  • Missouri set for center stage at Madison Square Garden
  • Missouri: Budget cuts played role in switch to SEC
  • Haley says Chiefs coming around on defense
  • Car crashes into house in Prairie Village; woman sustains minor injuries
  • Light snow causes problems on area roads
  • KU’s Withey starting to garner some attention

Catholic League president Bill Donohue made the following observation:

 In all but one of these ten stories, readers have an opportunity to comment. Guess which one it chose to put a gag order on?

It shows that the Catholic League is getting to them at the Star when even silly stories about light snow are allowed to garner commentary, but they will not permit anyone to comment on Judy Thomas’ latest hit job on the Catholic Church. Quite frankly, they don’t want an honest debate at the Star and that is why they choose to censor its critics.



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