Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s Bravo special, “Kathy Griffin: 50 & Not Pregnant”:

The evidence that homosexual priests account for the vast majority of sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church is uncontested—80 percent of the minors victimized have been male and most have been postpubescent—so when comedians take shots at abusing priests, we all know who they are really talking about. That includes Kathy Griffin, who last night called priests “kid f******.” For this she was wildly cheered by her huge homosexual audience.

No one knows for sure what percent of priests are homosexuals, though it is safe to say it is higher than found in the general population; it is also safe to say that less than half of those in ministry today are homosexual. Therefore, to paint all priests as homosexual molesters is unfair: most priests are heterosexual and have never been involved in sexual abuse. It is even unfair to homosexual priests: while they have definitely caused most of the damage, there is no evidence that most homosexual priests are molesters.

It is not certain why homosexuals would cheer Griffin’s attack on priests who share their orientation, unless, of course, they are living in denial. Click here for a reality check the Catholic League is providing to homosexuals: it details the prevalence of sexual abuse among them.

One more thing. Since it is very difficult for homosexuals to enter the priesthood these days, the rate of sexual abuse is nearly non-existent. Which means Griffin is running out of copy.

Contact Bravo’s head honcho, Andy Cohen:

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