During the middle of October, Kanye West kicked off his “Yeezus” tour in Seattle.

Kanye West apparently suffers from low self-esteem, and while his condition is entirely warranted, it does not excuse his willingness to cover his inadequacies as a performer by hijacking Christian iconography. On the opening night of his new tour, which kicked off on October 19, a tall Jesus character appeared on stage prior to West’s “Jesus Walks” number. “White Jesus, is that you?…Oh, s***,” West said.

Nothing that the Jesus figure said was irresponsible, but West could not stop there. His performance also included a Virgin Mary, incense, a crucifix, etc., all trotted out to make a Catholic statement. That it was not exactly reverential is obvious.

In 2006, West appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns with “blood” streaming down his face. The guy has some issues, and the sooner he deals with them, the less likely he will play fast and loose with Catholicism.

West is a classic rip-off artist with limited talent. It’s time he asked Kim to throw him a retirement party.

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