Bill Donohue comments on Sen. Tim Kaine’s pro-life record:

Tim Kaine wants to save the lobo, but not the kids.

I confess I had no idea what a lobo was until I looked it up—it’s a Mexican grey wolf. Tim says we are running out of them (he does not say whether we should build a wall to save them). How do I know? Because the Defender of Wildlife Action Fund gave him a 91 percent rating in 2015, and a 100 percent rating in 2013; on the front page of its website the #1 cause is “Don’t Let the Lobos Go Extinct.”

The Defender of Wildlife Action Fund is also worried about saving the eggs of the bald eagle, a goal that Tim no doubt shares (as do I). What about human eggs? Tim has no interest in protecting them. How do I know? Because he merits a 100 percent rating from both NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and they support abortion-on-demand.

The Washington Post calls Tim “A Pope Francis Catholic.” But the pope’s position on abortion would receive a 0 from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. The pope also supports marriage, properly understood.

In a Polling Company survey we commissioned of Catholics last year, we learned that 61 percent of Catholics reported that abortion should not be permitted in all or most instances; the figure for practicing Catholics was higher. That means Tim is not representative of most Catholics on this issue.

Tim likes gay marriage. How do I know? Because he received a 100 percent rating from the radical gay group, the Human Rights Campaign. Once again, Tim is out of step: our survey found that 58 percent of Catholics think marriage should be between a man and a woman.

If Tim were to treat unborn children the way he treats lobos, and acknowledge the obvious—marriage was meant for the only two people who can create a family—he would improve his standing among Catholics. As it is, his positions make him an outlier.

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