Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today as follows:

“In Delaware, a bill was passed yesterday that eliminates the two-year statute of limitations in cases involving the sexual molestation of minors. But the law does not apply equally to the public sector. Sen. Karen Peterson, the principal sponsor of the bill, took umbrage at our charge that unequal justice is at work. Yet today she is quoted as saying that the bill allows victims to sue the state if they can meet the high standard of ‘gross negligence.’ How sweet. She further admits that the state has the right to claim sovereign immunity, and that it is up to the courts to decide whether it should apply. Thus did she verify our charge that there are two standards in play.

“Yesterday, Rep. Greg Lavelle, who is sponsoring a bill that would mandate an equal playing field, called our office requesting data on public school teachers who abuse kids. Today he is quoted as saying our response ‘offended’ him. Indeed, he even went so far as to commend his colleagues for taking ‘all necessary steps to be sure that all children in Delaware are protected regardless of where they go to school….’ Really? That being the case, he should withdraw his bill. To top it off, a lobbyist for the Diocese of Wilmington chimed in by criticizing the Catholic League. It remains to be seen how Catholic officials will react when the lawsuits start coming and the public school teachers get to walk. Must be a tight-knit club in Delaware.

“Meanwhile, as we pointed out on June 5, Michigan taxpayers are being forced to pay $25,000 for footbaths so that Muslim students can exercise their religious right to wash their feet. Not only is the ACLU defending this, so is Fox News regular Geraldo Rivera. He conceded last night that there are church and state problems, but then waxed sentimental over the allegedly besieged Muslims. In the end, he could not bring himself to criticize the privileged position afforded Muslims vis-à-vis others.

“The elites have shown their real colors and it’s not a pretty sight.  Dishonesty, cowardice and bigotry make for a really sick stew.”

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