Bill Donohue

The circus continues. Judge Gwendolyn N. Bright of the Common Appeals Court denied a motion to dismiss the case against Msgr. William Lynn. A retrial is expected in May, though Lynn’s lawyer, Thomas Bergstrom, says he may appeal the ruling.

Judge Bright added to this classic case of jurisprudential corruption when she said that city prosecutors were wrong not to tell Bergstrom about a detective’s doubt concerning the credibility of one of their key witnesses. But she said it was “not intentional prosecutorial misconduct.”

Really? At the behest of the D.A.’s office, Detective Joseph Walsh investigated the incredulous claims made by Danny Gallagher [a.k.a. “Billy Doe”], the star witness for the prosecution. According to journalist Ralph Cipriano, Walsh found that “every witness statement he took, including the ones from Gallagher’s own family members, contradicted Danny Gallagher’s wild and crazy stories.”

More important, when Walsh told A.D.A. Mariana Sorenson about Gallagher’s lies, she accused him of “killing my case.”

So, no, Judge Bright, there was nothing unintentional about what happened.

The circus will now be taken to a new level when Seth Williams, the Philly D.A. who was busted by the feds this week, tries to take this case up again.

It is not Msgr. Lynn who belongs in jail—it is the witch-hunters out to destroy him.

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