Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s edition of “The Daily Show”:

Jon Stewart opened with a replay of Lawrence O’Donnell’s recent bigoted tirade against Mormons that aired on MSNBC. Here is what Stewart said next:

  • “Mormons aren’t the only religion whose origin story can be explained as a convenient alibi. You can easily say that Christianity was created by a knocked up teenage girl who told her parents an angel had come down and….”

Stewart was then interrupted with laughter, but not before they showed a huge picture of a pregnant Virgin Mary on the screen. He then made a light joke about Buddha. As usual, he had nothing insulting to say about Judaism or Islam.

We will be sure to inform everyone about Stewart’s latest bigoted outburst. And I don’t mean just by issuing news releases and doing interviews. Stay tuned.

Contact Comedy Central Communications head Steve Albani:

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