The following is a chronological list of our campaign against Jon Stewart.

April 16: Jon Stewart performed “vagina manger” skit
April 17: First request for apology
April 18: Second request for apology
April 19: Start of Campaign: Allies contacted
April 20: Kraft Foods contacted
April 23: SUBWAY contacted
April 24: Mars, Inc. contacted
April 25: Kellogg’s contacted
April 26: Delta Air Lines contacted
April 27: The Wrigley Company contacted
April 30: The Hershey Company contacted
May 1: Ace Hardware Company contacted
May 2: Paramount Farms contacted
May 3: Anheuser-Busch InBev contacted
May 4: “Jon Stewart’s Record of Offending Christians”
May 7: “Jon Stewart’s Record of Apologies”
May 8: Viacom’s Board and Senior Management contacted
May 9: Catholic Bishops contacted
May 10: Mainline Protestant leaders contacted
May 11: Evangelical leaders contacted
May 14: Jewish leaders contacted
May 15: Mormon leaders contacted
May 16: Muslim leaders contacted
May 17: Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh Leaders Contacted
May 21: New York Times ad (click here)

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