During the September 16 edition of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart offered his thoughts on Pope Francis. “I love this guy! So, to sum it up, let me get this straight: gays are cool, priests can get married, and you don’t even have to believe in God to get to Heaven!”

This is all in good fun. Stewart should have stopped there.

Here is what he said next:  “What, exactly, of Catholicism is left? I mean, you take away Jesus and celibacy—Catholic Church is just an ordinary restaurant that only serves wafers.” At this point, a woman was shown receiving Communion. This was followed by several obscenities.

Comedy Central needs to hire some practicing Catholics at  “The Daily Show,” Someone needs to let Jon Stewart know what the difference is between joking about celibacy and ridiculing the heart and soul of Catholicism. The Catholic League is assuming, of course, that that would make a difference.

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