Dr. William Donohue, President and CEO of the Catholic League, and Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, Executive Vice President of the New York Board of Rabbis, issued the following statement today on Chrismukkah:

“We are deeply concerned about the spiritual misrepresentation of a newly created ‘holiday’ called Chrismukkah.  While we as Jews and Christians practice our particular traditions, we also want to see the spiritual integrity of all faiths fully protected.  Chanukah and Christmas celebrated during the same period should not be fused into some cultural combination that does not recognize the spiritual identity of our respective faiths.  Historically, Chanukah recalls the battle for religious independence that would permit all groups to freely practice their separate traditions without compromise or coercion.  Christmas marks a most sacred period announcing the birth of the Christian Messiah, and the beginning of a sacred relationship between Jesus and the Christian people.

“Copying the tradition of another faith and calling it by another name is a form of shameful plagiarism we cannot condone.  Frankly, those who seek to synthesize our spiritual traditions may be well intended, but they are insulting both of us simultaneously.

“We Jews and Christians respect one another realizing that there is a time to be separate and a time to be together.  We see each other as separate spiritual brothers and sisters who will work together to better the human family.”

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