NEWARK, NJ, April 20, 2000 — “NJ TRANSIT wishes to express its sincerest apologies to the Rev. Kevin Ashe, the Park Performing Arts Center in Union City and any other group or individual that may have been offended by NY TRANSIT’s decision not to include the ‘Passion Play’ performers in Opening Day festivities for the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System April 15.”

“NJ TRANSIT realizes that this incident has caused considerable embarrassment, anguish and undue hardship to all of the dedicated professionals associated with the play – particularly Father Ashe who has been and continues to be a prominant and instrumental figure in the local community.  NJ TRANSIT apologizes for any offense this incident may have caused to members of the Catholic faith and the general public.”

“In the spirit of Holy Week, it is especially fitting that NJ TRANSIT acknowledges its mistake and we ask for the forgiveness of of Father Ashe and any other members of the New Jersey community who may have been offended by our actions.  It is our solemn pledge that, in the future, we will make every effort to assure that there is no repeat of this most regrettable incident.”

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