There are three news articles today about the role of religion in the presidential campaign.  Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on this subject:

“Most observers, regardless of their political bent, agree that President George W. Bush seems at home with his Christianity.  But for Senator John Kerry, the evidence suggests that religion is an enigma for him.

“A search for ‘religious outreach’ in the Kerry/Edwards website yields interesting results.  The first listing under that name has nothing to do with religion—it has to do with gay rights.  But there are two listings, recently posted, on religion: there is a ‘People of Faith Tool Kit’ and a ‘People of Faith Potluck Host Packet.’  The Tool Kit offers many statements about values, most of which have nothing to do with religion, much less with anything Christian.  But we do learn that Kerry prays with his feet: he tells his ‘brothers and sisters’ that ‘if we live by our faith and pray with our feet, no one’s going to stop us now.’  In the Potluck packet, it is suggested that ‘people of faith’ gather together and ask each person to complete this sentence: ‘This election is important to me because _____, and John Kerry shares my values.’  Just below this appears the ‘pray with your feet’ slogan, thus indicating how proud the Kerry faithful are of this phrase.

“The Democratic National Committee, which has run into big trouble with the Catholic League over its religious outreach program, now says it is ready to tackle this issue again and will soon launch a new website on the subject.  (Soon?  By November 2?)  In the meantime, there are three unofficial Kerry sites on Catholicism: KerryCatholics (it has a total of 437 members nationwide); CatholicsForKerry04 (it had a listing questioning whether Bush was the Anti-Christ); and CatholicsForKerry (it has perhaps the dumbest article ever written justifying abortion rights).

“Speaking of religion, Kerry recently told Christianity Today of his fondness for those who find meaning ‘in nature, in trees, the ponds, the ripples of the wind on the pond, the great feast of nature itself.’  He did not say whether his New Age heroes also pray with their feet.”

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