The Catholic League is deeply saddened by the death of John Cardinal O’Connor. A towering figure by any standard, John Cardinal O’Connor will be remembered for many accomplishments, but most of all he will be remembered by the Catholic League as our most devoted supporter.

John Cardinal O’Connor did more than oppose abortion; he provided alternatives to any woman who sought to place her child for adoption.

He did more than pray for the sick; he personally tended to their needs. He did more than advocate quality parochial schools; he provided the resources that were necessary to do the job. He did more than promote the welfare of priests and nuns; he helped to found orders of distinction. He did more than support workers’ rights; he was one of the best friends of unions in New York. He did more than encourage good relations with Jews; he went out of his way to secure them.

John Cardinal O’Connor will be missed by all those whom he touched. A scholar and a humanitarian, he was, above all, a priest. And he was a priest who will serve as a model for all others for a very long time.

William A. Donohue, President

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