Joan-RiversBill Donohue comments on a remark made by Joan Rivers on E! during her May 30 episode of “Fashion Police”:

There was a time when Joan Rivers delighted audiences with her humor, but that was a long time ago. Now her filthy antics make even her panelists recoil in embarrassment. That’s what happened on Friday night.

The occasion for Rivers’ vulgarity was a picture of singer Solange Knowles with her hair sticking up, looking particularly messy. Rivers quipped, “From the looks of Solange’s hair that comb gets used less frequently than the pope’s penis.”

This is the way Rivers wants to be remembered; she will be 81 next weekend. Hardly a week goes by that she doesn’t sport her anti-Catholic bigotry, typically in a patently obscene manner. At least her panelists didn’t find her remark humorous. Too bad they didn’t walk out on her. That her daughter is the executive producer of the show suggests that this is a family problem.

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