On April 20, 2005, a new organization was established, Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (JAACD). The president, Don Feder, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and was joined by several members of the group’s advisory board. Feder was a Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist for 19 years. He is the author of A Jewish Conservative Looks At Pagan America and Who’s Afraid Of The Religious Right?

The purpose of JAACD is “to expose and counter discrimination against Christians, as well as anti-Christian bias.” Its advisory board includes “rabbis, commentators, academics, authors, activists, Zionist leaders and an entertainer. Members span the spectrum from Orthodox to secular, but are united in their determination to support our beleaguered brothers and sisters in the Christian community.” Furthermore, “JAACD will work to combat anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood, the news media, politics, government and the courts.”

The advisory board members are: Mona Charen, syndicated columnist; Natalie B. Choate, attorney; Rabbi David Dalin, professor, Ave Maria University; Barry Farber, talk-show host; Raoul Felder, author; Beth Galinsky, Jewish Action Alliance; Rabbi Joshua Haberman, Foundation for Jewish Studies; Bruce Herschensohn, professor, Pepperdine University; David Horowitz, Center for The Study of Popular Culture; Jeff Jacoby, columnist, Boston Globe; Binyamin Jokolvsky, Jewish World Review; Morton Klein, Zionist Organization of America; Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Toward Tradition; Barbara Ledeen, Jewish-Republican Activist; Rabbi Yeduda Levin, Jews for Morality; Herb London, Hudson Institute; Jackie Mason, entertainer; Michael Medved, talk-show host; Rabbi Jacob Neusner, professor, Bard College; Judith Reisman, author; Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Caucus For America; and Herb Zweibon, Americans For A Safe Israel.

William Donohue is friends with many of these Jewish writers and activists. When he asked some of them what motivated them to establish such an organization, they said they were concerned about the moral drift the nation is experiencing. To be specific, they said that to the extent Christianity is weakened, America becomes less hospitable for Jews.

The article below was printed with permission from GrasstopsUSA, where it first appeared.

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