Here is what Joan Rivers and Bill Maher had to say on recent episodes of their television shows:

Rivers: “First of all, let me just say, Kid Rock, when did he audition to play Jesus Christ Super Pimp?”

Maher: “The pope is a pimp. I’m serious.”

Bill Donohue is not sure who is watching Joan Rivers anymore, but it is obvious that she is not aging well. Indeed, she is crashing.

If Maher were indifferent about Catholicism, no one would complain. Instead, he has it in his claw. From the work of psychologist Paul Vitz, we know that the one common feature that unites celebrated atheists is their troubled relationship with their father. Maher definitely has an authority problem, and his acting out against Catholicism can be seen as an extension of his personal problems.

The most disturbing aspect of publicly calling Jesus and Pope Francis pimps was not the name calling—it was the passive reaction that it received in many elite quarters. Which is why Joan Rivers and Bill Maher still have their jobs.

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