The Loveland Museum in Loveland, Colorado is hosting an exhibit that features a piece by a Stanford University professor, Enrique Chagoya, called “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,” that depicts a man performing oral sex on Jesus. It is part of an exhibit, “The Legend of Bud Shark and his Incredible Ink,” that is scheduled to run through November 28.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows:

On July 1, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed legislation establishing Colorado Creative Industries, a division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. A week later, Colorado Creative Industries announced grants to various organizations and government agencies, among them being the Loveland Museum; it received $8,500 (click here for article).

The Catholic League has thousands of members in Colorado. Accordingly, we are writing to Governor Ritter and the Colorado state legislature asking them to justify the use of tax-supported dollars to fund anti-Christian hate speech. We know there are no dollars to fund religious programs with public monies. We just want to know how anti-religious programs can be funded with public monies.

Contact Evan Dreyer of the press office for the governor:

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