All the signs said were, “A gift to die for. Jesus did,” and “The gift that keeps on forgiving. Jesus.” But that was enough to have them pulled from 158 buses in San Diego.

It seems that the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) has a policy which bars advertisement that “might be offensive to any religious, ethnic, racial or political group.” By that it is meant such things as nudity, discrimination, violence, unlawful acts, attacks on people, companies, products or institutions. Somehow the MTDB’s attorney, Jack Limber, interpreted this policy to mean that the Jesus ads had to go.

The ads were placed by Mission Valley Christian Fellowship and they received the support of many people in San Diego, including the Catholic League’s chapter officers. Gary Stahler, the league’s chapter president, along with former chapter president Carl Horst, got publicly involved in the fight to bring back the ads, and they proved to be successful. Good going.

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