On the August 6 episode of the Comedy Central show, “The Jeselnik Offensive,” the excerpt from the “Worst Best Thing of the Week” segment featured Anthony Jeselnik, Dave Attell and Joan Rivers:

Jeselnik: “Finally, the Vatican is giving gay priests the same respect they show pedophiles.”
Rivers: “The pope, surprise, is the gayest. The man wears a dress, lives with all guys, you know.”
Attell: “And the cool thing about it is I’m a Jew and I could really care less about the whole thing. I mean, you know, an Easter egg hunt is an Easter egg. If it ends in an ass, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care.”
Rivers: “He’s bringing the church into the 21st century, and let’s be happy about that. I mean, ass-less altar boy costumes….We all have to kiss the pope’s ring. I love it now because he likes gays, and he says, fine now—lower, lower, lower, and, uh, don’t forget the balls.”

In June, Kevin Hermanson contacted the Catholic League’s office several times trying to get Bill Donohue to go on this show. Donohue had never heard of Jeselnik, so he asked his staff to check Jeselnik out. They quickly discovered that he was a jerk. So Donohue said no.

By the way, when Hermanson learned that the Catholic League’s office was in New York, he said it wouldn’t have been possible to do the show anyway: he said they didn’t have a budget to fly Donohue out.

It’s a wonder they have a budget to pay these fools whatever it is they are paying them.

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