The Catholic League has been monitoring plans to bring “Jerry Springer: The Opera” to Broadway for some time, but has refrained from saying anything because the initial plans were scrapped.  However, it is being reported today that if the producers can come up with the cash, they will bring “Springer” to Broadway in spring 2006.  Here is what others have said about the show:

  • The opera “contains up to 8,000 profanities and features tap-dancers dressed as Ku Klux Klan members and a showdown between Satan and a diaper-wearing Jesus.”  Amidst songs like “Chick with a D…” and “Eat Excrete,” the show portrays “the Messiah as a fat, diapered man who sings he’s ‘a little bit gay.’”  (MSNBC News, 1-7-05)
  • The show features “a semi-naked ‘gay’ Jesus” who is “being fondled by a dishevelled Eve, as the Devil looks gleefully on with an inebriated Adam.”  Also, “the Virgin Mary turns up to talk about her trials as the mother of a wayward saviour, amid a blitz of four-letter words.”  The show ends with Springer telling Jesus to “grow up for Christ’s sake and put some f—ing clothes on.”  (Sunday Telegraph, 1-9-05)
  • “Surely no more blasphemous, vulgar or salacious piece of musical theatre than Jerry Springer—the Opera has graced the London stage in modern times.”  (Evening Standard, 4-30-03)

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“This show is Satanic and will be met with a massive protest if the producers are dumb enough to bring it to New York.  Having been galvanized by Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion,’ and having been successfully mobilized last fall during the electoral season, Christians have more energy and confidence these days than they’ve had in years.  Anyone who thinks Catholics and Protestants are going to put up with organized hate speech is nuts.  All they need is some leadership, and we and our allies will provide it.”

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