Bill Donohue comments on news stories linking Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, to Satanism:

There is no evidence that John Podesta ever participated in, or was a devotee of, Satanism. But that doesn’t close this issue entirely.

Here are some of the more hysterical headlines:

  • “John Podesta’s Ties to Dark Satanic Cult”
  • “John Podesta and the Dems Are into Sex Cults and Satanic Rituals”
  • “John Podesta Attended Satanic ‘Spirit Ritual'”
  • “Podesta Takes Part in Satanic Rituals”
  • “Podesta Participates in Bizarre Satanic Performance”
  • “Clinton Campaign Chief Participated in Occult Magic”

None of this is true. What we know from the latest batch of Wikileaks emails is that Podesta’s brother, Tony, was sent the following email by Marina Abramovic on June 28, 2015: “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?”

What is “Spirit Cooking” and who is this woman? There is no generally accepted definition of “Spirit Cooking”; it appears to be part of Abramovic’s own lexicon used to describe her cooking.

Abramovic’s idea of “Spirit Cooking” involves such concoctions as the “Essence Drink.” It involves mixing “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk.” Another one of her signature recipes includes “fresh morning urine.”

There is no doubt that Abramovic is fascinated by kinky sex, the scatological, violence, and masochism. She is a performance artist who seeks to explore the physical and mental limitations of the body. Among her stunts are the following:

  • Leaping across flames in front of an audience
  • Losing consciousness while performing
  • Taking drugs for catatonia and schizophrenia while performing, leading to violent behavior
  • Inviting the audience to use whips, scissors, a scalpel, and a loaded gun any way they want
  • Beckoning the audience to “manipulate her body”
  • Stripping naked and “devaluing into an image” as “the Madonna, mother, and whore”

So it can safely be said that Abramovic, who was beaten by her mother, has her share of problems. But is John Podesta associated with any of this?

There are other emails that were released today that show a friendly relationship between the two of them. Did he go to the “Spirit Cooking dinner”? We don’t know. But it is also wrong to say, as some are now saying, that “this dinner had absolutely nothing to do with devil worship.” There is no evidence to support that statement either.

What we know is that Podesta, who just recently was described by the International Business Times as a “practicing Catholic,” runs in some unseemly circles. Personally, I never met a “practicing Catholic” who associates with occult gurus such as Abramovic.

With regards to the Clinton team, the number-one issue for the Catholic League is the lack of media interest in Jordan Weiner, son of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. The complaint that I filed with the authorities in New York led the NYPD to scour the computer owned by Weiner and Abedin, the result being that the FBI was notified of emails related to Hillary Clinton and her private server. That is a huge development, but it is separate from the well being of Jordan Weiner.

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